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Value of Budweiser Steins/Mugs

From: Judi
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Date: 12/04/2008
Time: 03:22:51 PM


I have a small collection of Budweiser Steins left by my husband I want to find the value of these steins. I bought each of these so I know they’re from the years they state. They are as follows: One approx. 4" diameter by approx. 5 inches tall. The Budweiser team wraps around the out side and next to the handle (held in the right hand) near the top of the mug is the A&eagle insigna and at the bottom the words "St Louis Mo" in caps with the words "Budweiser Champion Clydesdales" under that. It is has a pewter lid The bottom reads Ceramarte, with MADE IN BRAZIL below. faintly above the Ceramarte name there is a stamped "12" (prior to firing). All the rest are appox 7" high with a diameter of approx 4.5". One is the Chicago Skyline from 1980. the bottom reads "Handcrafted in Brazil exclusively for Anheuser-Busch limited edition 31985 Budweiser and A&Eagle are registered trademarks of Anheuser-Busch, inc, St. Louis, Mo. It is what I would call a brown earthen ware type color. The Next is this same brown coloring and is from 1981. Around the top it reads Chicagoland Starts here and features Marina City, Water Tower and the Wrigley Building around the Mug (No clysdales on this one)On the bottom A very faint "8" stamped above the words prior to firing and the same words as above with words with limited edition 21369. The last one is a white ceramic background from 1982 around the top a red banner reads "Chicago" (3 x’s) This one features Comiskey Park, Soldiers Field, and Wrigley Field. the bottom reads "Handcrafted in the USA exclusively for Anheuser- Bush Limited edition 6081 Budweiser and A&Eagle are registered trademarks of Anheuser-Busch, inc, St. Louis, Mo. Other than a bit dusty they’re all in "Like new" condition. These mugs were never drank from - used for ornamentation only. I was told these are the only three mugs manufactured featuring Chicago. If anyone has any further info about these mugs I would be interested in hearing it.